New year, new Head of Agency. Galaktus reorganizes its constellation. - Galaktus

New year, new Head of Agency. Galaktus reorganizes its constellation.

> 8 April 2022 <

A few curious changes within the galaxy and even the brightest scientists can not get out of awe. Let’s take a look through a telescope at what has changed in the sky.

Galaktus – a leading global gaming agency from Poland, made some changes within the structure in order to celebrate the 10-year anniversary in the industry. The biggest change is the creation of a new position of Head of Agency, which will be taken over by Mateusz Czerwiński. His new responsibilities will involve coordination of all agency departments, which will allow the company to take an even more comprehensive approach to the needs of both current and future clients.

Of course, the company’s Social Media Department is not left without a king. The star who will take over from Mateusz the management of the team responsible for social media is Karolina Lisowska.

The last but not least important change within the company is the appointment of Mariusz Grotek as a Head of Galaktus Games – a publishing house and board game studio founded by Galaktus two years ago. It creates games in cooperation with gamedev companies, and in the future it also plans to work on its own, original systems. Their first big project is a board adaptation of the global hit Green Hell, which raised £382,289 on Kickstarter and will arrive in players’ hands in 2022.