Agency - Galaktus

The history of Galaktus dates back to 2011 and the esports event East Games United. At that time the company was focused on gaming event planning and organization. However, it’s development began just after the financial crisis, which broke out in 2008. Which was the reason that most of our clients had limited budgets for promotional activities, and the lack of success of the domestic games industry and the lack of boom for Polish gamedev companies on the stock market made for a slightly different reality than today. Over time we have developed our own position and brand that we are extremely proud of. However, it was not an easy task…

Acquiring clients often took several months and a lot of effort. Only along with the development of esport and event market in the country did we begin working with new business partners at full speed. At the same time, we expanded our team with new specialists from the industry.

In time, we have developed the concept of the agency and decided to include public relations services, operating across the entire spectrum of the gaming industry (hardware, esports, video games). By operating as a one-stop-shop, we have been able to initiate other departments of the company, such as our own board game publishing house, Social Media team or Quality Assurance. It used to be quite unthinkable!

We have always believed that business is measured not only in numbers and reports, but also in emotions, experiences, building relationships and looking at the bigger picture. Our story is still being written over with new chapters and people, with whom we are going to explore the uncharted regions.